Horoscop gemini 8 8 february 2020

The more you assist others the better you feel.

It's a win-win solution. You have found inner strength and courage that allowed you to face your fears. Take this good energy and channel it into something else. Get creative.

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Use your imagination. Worry won't help you to overcome a situation. Instead, you have to do something to make a change. It's okay to be patient and wait to weigh out the circumstances, but there's also a time to take action. Things often symbolize other situations in our life than the ones we are in.


There are things you may need to accept that won't change. Take life as it comes and open yourself up to new opportunities. Sometimes people feel guilty for things that they didn't even do wrong.

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Release emotions that aren't serving you in a positive way. When you're happy, let it imprint on your mind how you feel at the moment. Pisces, y ou command authority on your own life. I just suggest keep own plan ready. Don't think other will help too much. Only from March 21 to July 1, some respite is there as Saturn will go out of Capricorn. First three months have huge focus.

Then Saturn will return to tackle the same area for last six months of the year.

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Money is an inherent part of our existence. We need resources to survive. We accumulate them and let them go too. Good part is Gemini is not that possessive. You like change. You won't suffer in the same situation as other fixed zodiac suffers. Be the giver not taker. Good part is Gemini born within June 8 to June 22 will get maximum focus here. Second half of Gemini would have more focus than Gemini born in first half.

Key dates and aspects are written below. We can't grow alone.

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We need partners. We need to balance between self and partner;s need. Ignore his fault and accept your weakness. It makes a team. Each team has own weaknesses. But, conflicting them has its side effects. Till now, you had Jupiter in marriage chart. It has strengthen the foundation. Build on new understanding.

It will come again in the picture in the second half of the year. Three eclipses are there. North node will move in this part on May 6. It will question why you want to live with someone? Is he or she the right partner for you? Can we live together whole life and has a meaningful life? A partner or connection would be in focus.

Life is all about evaluating priorities. Gemini are not hesitant to walk out if things are not going well. If things are going well with partner, build something new in the second half of These are key dates. Entire second half in , it is in Aries.


Gemini February 2020 Horoscope

It shows that huge focus and action will be there. Be social in second half of the It is time to know your friends. Show the world that you are there and have made progress. What is more concerning is that this defilations will take place in your 10 th house of career. According to Gemini Career horoscope, this period will begin from 7 th to 25 th April , and is going to demand extreme caution over new business dals and ventures. So, if your entrepreneurial instincts are asking you to launch your business plan during this period, hold your thoughts and wait for a better time to make it happen.

You must also avoid all sorts of conflicts and arguments with your business partners, colleagues and boss, in this period. In case you have a weak Mercury in your natal chart, this debilitation is going to be even more significant for you. Another period which all Gemini moon sign natives must watch out for relates with the movement of Ketu from your 7 th house to 6 th house. When in your 7 th house, Ketu will put hurdles in your plans for job change and bring some unexpected challenges which will disrupt the pace of your work. As it will move into your 6 th house after 23 rd September, the shadow planet will cast a negative spell on your work associations, especially upsetting your amity with your colleagues, at workplace.

It is important to have good workplace relations, as talent seldom thrives in an isolated environment.

Your ruling planet Mercury is busy this month!

We all need constructive discussion and heartfelt talks with colleagues, co-workers and even with managers to add new dimensions to our thought process and to simply unwind, at times. Thus, it is important to build and maintain good workplace relations. For Gemini moon sign natives, placement of Rahu is going to play an important role in defining the work relations. Gemini Career horoscope shows the presence of Rahu in your 1 st house till 23 rd September , which is a clear indication of avoiding hastiness in trusting business partners.

There will challenges in building a good rapport with colleagues at work, but patience and wisdom will help sail through this period. If you a Gemini moon sign native who is about to begin his career, the year is going to offer you relatively better options than previous year.

You will find yourself in between too many good opportunities, which could be confusing, at times. Do not hesitate to take advice from family, friends and relatives, at this point, as they will guide you well in making the right career choice basis your interest and skills.